Members come from different works of life. From the simple stories of these members, a new world is created. A universe of life and sound is born. Nothing is wasted because any creative activity attracts a reward. YOU WILL NOT EXPECT TO RECEIVE YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN. You will start from here and now. The house of humor is a family of love. All members are one and equal, but are divided into their given talents.
The Artists includes all writers, actors and actresses, singers, models, designers and dancers. They are the children of light. The incarnation of love and creativity. They are the creators of the entire universe. They always work with their imagination and they create as they imagine. Their imaginations are infinite, so are their creations. Those who find themselves in this discipline are truly blessed. However, they must pay attention to what they create. They are encouraged to create with love and happiness. They are generally advised to create works that end well. It is the greatest channel for world peace and love.
This is the world of all entrepreneurs. It is the world of the bold and courageous. They are the rulers of the earth and the victors of heaven. These great individuals are very talented in knowledge and ideas. Without this class, nothing really succeeds. Even the brilliant creations of the artist will remain unmanifested without the business class. This class is the fuel that moves the world. The blessed individuals in this group most often help the artist to produce their works, not doing so, they will be likened to a tree that bears no fruit during its season.
This is the house of intellectuals. It is the body of academic professionals that consists of men and women of great wisdom. Their wisdom directs every organization and established order. There can be no order without the professionals, they create and maintain all circles of activity. They are extremely important because without them nothing moves and everything will be in chaos. These are the children endowed with light and love. They work most often with the artist and business class to establish order and governance. Their professionalism is a great insight for the work of the artist. He inspires the world of the Artist; he informs the spirit of creativity. The professional class must be ready to serve at any time because it is the true heartbeat of creativity.
This is the scientist, the great thinker, the realist, without him nothing can be perceived or experienced in the physical world. He is ‘The manifest god’ because he created all the physical machines. It is he who interprets the world of the artist and makes it real and possible for a physical experience. He is the genius. He is the bridge between fiction and reality. Most inventors are also artists. They dream and they create. As the soup will not be sweet without salt, the whole world would be tasteless without the inventor. Few individuals belong to this elite group, they live like true gods of the earth. They are inspired by the work of the artist and without them, most of the artist’s works will remain a fairy tale.
The above is a brief description of the house of humor, the ocean of creativity. From all over the world, we have now decided to meet for the first time in this generation. The house of humor, the family of love have decided to come together to bring love and great wealth. It is your divine duty to join the family. The time of your oppression has ended. It is now time for you to reap from the talents that God has given you. You are all welcome to the house of humor where laughter is the music of life. All life is a theater, all life can be expressed through drama. Life is all about trying to be your possible ‘BEST’ through creativity. In DeepBlue House of humor, you are constantly encouraged to ask yourself: IS THIS MY BEST? We believe that when you ask yourself this question at every important moment of your life, you will be pushed to reach higher levels of manifestation. As a member of this group, you will learn THE SECRET OF YOUR BEST CREATIVE SELF.