Independent Subscription Plan.; An independent subscriber does not want to get involved in business.  He is required to pay once a year  twenty dollar ($20) subscription fee. With this fee, you will receive an INDEPENDENT ID Number, which is active for a year and renewable at the end of every year with payment of same sum. With your active ID and password you will be able to access our shop platform and access films to watch.  You will be able to earn 1 point after two hours of watching a movie you bought in the platform . As you spend more time watching movies, you increase your point  and also the funds you receive

EG .  2 hrs    ==== 1 points.

          24 hrs  ==== 12 points.

Any subscriber in the  independent plan is not doing business and the senior partner that introduced you to Deep Blue Family is not also making money. However, you can always upgrade your status and start doing business, at which point your senior partner will start earning money on your works. NOTE THAT THE SENIOUR PARTNER WILL EARN RRB BONUS FOR THE MONTH OF REGISTERATION WHICH  IS 40% OF THIS AMOUNT AND THE CORRESPONDING RP IS 25 POINTS.



DeepBlue Family has a program designed for everyone with respect to your level of income. And our programs are well adjusted that you can rise from a humble beginning to great wealth and freedom.

The Juniour starter registers with only $40. He is not   eligible to do the monthly required authorship until he becomes a Business Manager. His RP and RRB is paid out monthly while his PP continues to accumulate until he gets 200 points at which time he will become a Business Manager.

BUSINESS MANAGER : This is where the business plan starts.  Registration is with $200, this amount will enable you to have a business kit, which will comprise a Marked DEEP BLUE FAMILY T SHIRT and a marketing DVD ,. Your ID is automatically active for business. On registration, your upliner receives 200 points and 100 points goes to his upliner.


 This payment stops here at the second generation.

 Rented Films Commission; Here your residual points is calculated to the 5th generation and the calculated accumulation is paid to your bank account or to your Deep Blue VISA card at month end.

This is how it is calculated;

Films are rented for a minimum of $10 per movie or $100 per series. In other to activate this plan, a life partner most make an PP point of 100 points. This means a purchase of 10 movies for the month or a series for the month. Once acquired an RP of 100 points is distributed to all the upliners that has activated their business plan for the month up to the 5thgeneragtion.



The Elite Class is made up of cells. A cell comprises of 12 People. Admission into a cell is mostly by reference .Admission into a cell is by the standard fee of 600 dollars depending on the country. All operational activity takes place within the cell. Members can raise finance and can organize programs. 

When their Cell gets up to 12 People, a film will be produced on their names as Executive Producers. They will have copyright ownership of the film in Partnership with Deep Blue. After this, they can Produce any number of films they desire within the Cell and dividend is shared with regards to participation.

Deep Blue Family , also known as DeepBlue House of Humour is a global theater group whose objective is a self help business partnership within the area of Movie Productions.

All members of Deep Blue are independent creators within the family.