DeepBlue Family Network "Growing Together", program thanks to his dream
The House of Humor, also called the Deep Blue, is a revelation of truth. It is a global theater Community, whose vision is to bring love, stability, peace  and happiness to humanity through creative works. It is the science of the banishment of poverty and the celebration of true humanity.
It is a self-help program. Members are trained on how to embrace the creative spark within them. Our ability to be creative, empowers us to be independent, and to find real freedom. We work in synergy, to uplift one another, to build a great business and a great life.

The goal of DeepBlue Family

The goal of DeepBlue House of Humour is the banishment of poverty in all its dimensions and the celebration of true humanity. Deep Blue represents this primordial energy at the heart of creation. Everyone works with this energy in a positive or different way. Being consciously in tone with this energy requires a lot of decipline and love. The love of all life is fundamental to the decipline to flow with this energy of love.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a self help program, that expresses your creativity and guarantes your financial freedom. The fundamental truth that creation is born of love and ends with love is a permanent law and a principle of creation. Being Creative is a potentiality of all sentient beings, therefore consciously partaking in DEEPBLUE family is a natural demostration of your beingness.