DeepBlueFamily philosophy

The philosophy of Deepblue Family, fondly called ‘The  house of humor’ and identified by Artists as ‘DeepBlue Theater’ is simple. It states that every human being has an infinite creative ability. It states that since everyone has this ability, nobody should live in a state of poverty or deprivation.

There are wonderful People with creative abilities but they could not have the opportunity to express themselves because they are financially handicapped. We look for these People and we give them this platform to not only express themselves but also to help and market them and make their creative work their live heritage.

There are all the other wonderful People who have reached the epic of success in their creative careers and they need an avenue to creatively serve and help others with less opportunity to grow, we offer them a platform to be of wonderful service.

We have many wonderful People that are engrossed in their chosen careers, they have wonderful stories to tell to tell to help humanity in one way or the other, we offer them this platform to tell their stories, to earn income through their stories and watch as their stories will turn to wonderful movies that will impact lives.

The underlying Principle of DeepBlue Family, is all about love and the heart of gold to bring happiness to others.

Our stories are real life stories, personal stories, life changing encounters and experiences that could help others and most importantly inspirational and creative stories that could positively teach and also empower the creator financially.

We believe that stories can change lives, we have health tips on healthy living, good dieting and exercises.

A creative individual should not only be wealthy, But healthy and spiritually sound.

DeepBlue Family is a very powerful and reliable program that could help anyone realize their dreams .

The family is a source of Joy, Love, Happiness and creativity. It cuts across, ethnic , religious and racial lines. It is indeed a community of People that want to live, healthy, wealthy and creatively.

It is important to note that in DeepBlue House of Humor we teach creative programs that helps and could help anyone awaken the creative spark within them and drive them to do wonderful creative works. Anyone could tap into this energy within.

A cell member in DeepBlue House of Humor, is empowered and taught creative programs that will bring out the best in you, that you never knew you could experience.

Our nights of Humor is a celebration of laughter , music and comedies. Our carnivals are a celebrationof the creativity within our cultural groups.

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